Tips On How To Avoid Distracted Driving

More than 40,000 people were killed or injured on America’s roadways in 2016, marking the first time in more than 50 years that the number of fatalities has increased significantly over a two-year period. 1 Whether you or someone you care about has been accused of texting and driving, or you have found yourself distracted behind the wheel, following these guidelines can help you avoid potentially harmful behavior on the road.

1. Put your phone away. It is possible to avoid the temptation to surf the internet or react to a text message straight away by turning off the phone and placing it in “do not disturb” mode.
2. Make a pact with yourself not to multitask. Anything that takes your attention away from the road or from your vision might be a distraction while driving. Make time at home to eat meals and put on cosmetics so that you can concentrate on the road ahead of you.

3. Avoid being a source of distraction. Prevent making phone calls or sending text messages to relatives and friends while you know they are driving in order to avoid distracting them.

4. Consult with your employer. Responding to work-related messages or accepting phone calls while driving may be extremely risky. Encourage your business to implement a distracted driving policy that includes delaying speaking with employees until they have parked their vehicles in a safe location.

5. Ensure the safety of children and pets. Make sure your children are properly restrained in their car seats and that your pets are safely contained in their designated area in the back of your vehicle. In addition, if pets are not roaming around the car, it can assist in decreasing distractions.

6. Be a positive role model. Parents may set a positive example for their children by driving with attention to the road ahead of them. While driving, refrain from texting, eating, grooming, or making phone calls to anybody.

7. Make a plan for your travel before you go. While driving, programming your GPS might cause you to lose sight of the road ahead. To avoid this, ask a passenger to complete the task or input your destination before departing from your house.

8. Speak out for yourself. In the event that you witness someone texting or otherwise driving while distracted, speak up and let them know that you are not comfortable with their actions. Please encourage your children to behave in the same manner when they are passengers in a friend’s automobile. It has the potential to save a life.

9. Establish the regulations of the road. Think about limiting the number of passengers in your vehicle until your adolescent or rookie driver has gained more experience behind the wheel.

10. Refraining from reaching. If you see something fall while driving, resist the desire to grab for it.
When you take your eyes off the road to look for something, you increase your chances of being involved in an accident.
To be honest, life does not have spare parts, your car or vehicle will be repaired but you won’t fix your broken limb or arms. Drive safe and maximize presentation on distracted driving.

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